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Play Jack and the Beanstalk Slots at Casino Du Liban

Lebanon has only one casino with the name Casino du Liban. The casino has recently made the news with its decision to seek technical help from the gambling industry. According to the Business News Lebanon, the casino has launched a public tender in which it has called upon different technology firms to help it in its online gambling operations.

The casino has invited these international firms to be able to offer all forms of sports betting and gaming options to its players in the future. However, the date of closing of the tender is still not clear but it is going to be closed very soon. This simply means that the firm that is interested to support the casino will have to submit its proposal quickly without making any further delays.

The Criteria of Casino du Liban to Select the Bidder

It is true that the casino will choose its partner very carefully. After all the interested companies have submitted their proposals, it will then analyze all the applications. The first factor that casino will consider is the experience of the bidding company in offering gambling technology. In addition to this, the tender has already made it clear that the bidders must be capable of producing at least $650 million.

Out of this total revenue, around 75 percent of it must be generated from different gambling and gaming activities. The most important condition of the tender is that the interested bidder must be ready to invest a minimum amount of $15 million in the casino’s operations.

About Casino du Liban

Right from the year 1995, the casino is known for its monopoly. Yes, it has always held a monopoly regarding the gambling activity but has hardly any laws regarding it on the books that govern online gambling. In fact, a big step was taken by the government in the year 2013 when it asked all the internet service providers of Lebanon to block the entire domains of all the international casino sites. The government did this because these sites were claimed to infringe upon the monopoly turf of Casino du Liban.

To add on, the history of the casino includes its opening in the year 1959 in North of Beirut. However, the unfortunate part is that the casino has to shut down in 1989 due to the heavy violence in the nation. The casino later gathered its spirits and was reopened in 1996. It underwent a huge renovation and is today the lone and the finest casino in Lebanon. It offers all the varieties of games including the top gaming titles like Jack and the Beanstalk Slots and other table games like baccarat, roulette, craps, blackjack and others.

Management of Casino du Liban

At present, the casino property is managed and handled by the division of US casino giant Caesars Entertainment, London Clubs International. Caesars Entertainment is world famous for operating various real money online gambling business. The company has earned great reputation in the industry with its unique gaming products and has a very strong customer base. To add on, it is sure that Caesars Entertainment will give Casino du Liban ways to secure its online contract and establish a great image in the market.

The Bottom Line

It is true that the Casino du Liban is going to receive various proposals from the technology firms across the globe. With its strict selection criteria, the casino is sure to choose the leading company that can help casino in its future growth. It is hopeful that the casino continues to attract more and more Lebanese people in the coming days of the New Year to achieve its growth targets.

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