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SlotsMillion to Offer Games like Jack and the Beanstalk Slots from Red Tiger


SlotsMillion Casino is a widely known casino that is known to offer a clean interface and the widest collection of games. It is licensed by the government of Malta and Curacao. Until now, the casino has offered over 1100 different types of games to its players. It keeps on launching new games so that the players are never bored of playing the same ones again. Furthermore, the casino offers games from different software platforms such as Leander Games, GamesOS, Microgaming, Quickfire, CryptoLogic, NextGen Gaming, Red Tiger Gaming, Playtech, Saucify and iSoftBet.

An Array of Games at SlotsMillion

The name of this casino is itself suggestive of the fact that it offers a wide array of online slots. Every game has a unique theme, paytables and jackpots. The most famous games offered includes Jack and the Beanstalk Slot, Rambo, Lost Secret of Atlantis, Lights, Merlin’s Millions, Beverly Hills 90210, Wonky Wabbits and various others. If you are a hardcore slot lover then signing up at SlotsMillion is the best option for you, as this casino is totally dedicated to slots and does not offer any table games like Roulette, Blackjack & Craps, poker or any other casino games.

The New Red Tiger Gaming Content

It is good news for all the fans of SlotsMillion, as the casino is now planning to offer gaming content of Red Tiger also. It is now going to launch more new games in the near future. According to the new deal signed between Red Tiger and SlotsMillion, SlotsMillion will be permitted to offer the entire collection of games of Red Tiger including Winter Wonders and Lucky Wizard. In addition to this, the casino will be able to access the Red Tiger’s smart spins. While talking about smart spins, it is actually a platform tool that enables the operators to target players in segments. They are further able to offer the bonuses and promotional deals to them through in-game communication module.

In the Words of Tomic

The Co-founder of SlotsMillion brand, Alexandre Tomic recently said that it is great to be apart with Red Tiger. He said that the casino is already offering a wide variety of games but adding Red Tiger in its portfolio will only draw more and more players towards it. It will help SlotsMillion in standing out from its rivals by offering something unique to the players and keep them engaged. Tomic finds it as a great opportunity to include the games of Red Tiger.

Customer Support Service

SlotsMillion offers an incredible customer support service. It has a staff of well-trained and experienced professionals who are dedicated to extend their complete support to the customers. Whether you are facing any issue in understanding the rules of any game or with the payouts, you can simply contact the customer support team. The site offers the facility of simple live chat that renders near-instant communication throughout the day. If you have sent an email with your query then you can expect a reply within few hours.

Safety and Security

The site offers complete safe transactions. The casino site is encrypted with SSL encryption, which ensures complete security. The system does not leak out any personal information of the players such as credit card numbers, phone number, email id and any other confidential data. To add on, SlotsMillion is proven fair by the independent audits.

Therefore, it is clear that SlotsMillion has become the ideal casino site for the slot lovers. If you have not tried the slots at this casino yet, then do it now. The most adventurous and exciting gaming thrill is awaiting you!

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Twerk Slot – Another Engaging Slot Just like Jack and the Beanstalk Slots


Endorphina has set its name in the gaming world by offering the highly imaginative games to the players. They are known for providing games that brings your imagination into reality. The company has recently come up with a new slot called the Twerk Slot. Yes, you are going to see that twerking and shaking in this particular slot. Without a doubt, like other slots such as Jack and the Beanstalk slot, this slot is also going to make you an addict of it.

When it comes to the theme of this slot, it is based on the modern dance that has been made famous by Miley Cyrus and Beyonce. In fact, when this game was first presented ICE Totally Gaming conference, it was accompanied by live twerk show that made the participants of the conference go crazy. It was the very time when this slot became much popular.

Graphics, Sounds and Appearance of the Slot

Yes, the graphics of the Twerk slot are simply mind blowing. You will see that the entire slot has been set on a stage with two huge speakers at its sides. The moment you will press the button, you will see that amazing twerk show. This slot has seven symbols and they all include the dancer’s behinds. However, you will be able to see the shaking and twerking only when you have hit a winning line. At every time when you win, the game will reward you with a short animated twerking show. No doubt, it is going to add that more thrill and excitement to the game.

So, you will not see only these seven amazing dancers but you can enjoy some of the scatter symbols too. These scatter symbols trigger a special bonus feature in the game. In addition to this, the sound effects of this slot are more than good. You will hear that loud and powerful music that is set right for the twerking show. Overall, the entire appearance of this slot is very captivating and is perfect for all the dance lovers.

Other Features of the Twerk Slot

Opposed to the slots that follow the rule of ‘more is better’, the Twerk slot has only three reels with five paylines in all. It simply means that you will hardly witness the wins frequently but when you will, they will be huge. The wins are handsomely awarding and large enough to keep your interest intact in the game for a longer time. While talking about the maximum win in this game, you can expect to win 2500x the bet line. No doubt, it is a great win and the real thrill is experienced when you have triggered the bonus game here.

When you have three scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the reels, you can trigger the bonus feature. After you have chosen a particular dancer, she is going to compete against the others and will take you to the finals with the special effects of here twerking and shaking. The players must also know that their winnings are doubled when they win a twerk-off. It is not so hard to progress in this game, as you just need to connect the three winning lines to reach to the next round. And yes, the moment any other dancer will connect the three lines much before you, the bonus feature will end and you will not be able to experience the thrill of it.

Therefore, what are you waiting for? It is the time to see that little twerking and shaking to make up your mood and make cash through this Twerk slot.

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An Insight into the Dos and Don’ts of Playing Online Slots like Jack and the Beanstalk Slots


Are you a diehard fan of online casino gaming? Spend most of your time in trying the new slots? If you are nodding your heads with a big Yes then this piece of writing is perfect for you. It is true that the trend of casino gaming has increased a lot among millennial. It is simply because of the convenience factor that these games can be played within the comforts of the home only. As opposed to the land-based casinos, one can try his favorite slots without traveling to any physical casino.

It is true that every next online casino claims to offer big wins and exciting rewards to the players. However, not all actually does that. Further, it is important to know that online slot games are a bit different from other casino games. The slots work more or less like a scratch card or lottery. Depending upon the random number generator (RNG), the possible result of a spin is experienced. It is true that slots like ‘Jack and the Beanstalk Slot’ and others offer great returns to the players. Nonetheless, it is inevitable for you to understand some do’s and don’ts of playing slots online, which are discussed as under.

Dos for Online Casino Gaming

To start with, you should realise the fact that these slots demand much money. Yes, online casinos are more dedicated to offering slots. The reason behind this is that the pressing of the spin can be repeated many times. For instance, you can click on spins as many as hundred times in one hour especially at the activation of Autoplay option. Thus, you might run out of money if you are not careful enough. Thus, it is better to be wise and smart while playing online slots.

Another most important rule to follow is to decide your budget before actually start gambling. No doubt, the technology of RNG makes the slot games fairer but still, you need to be well-organized with your pocket. You must decide how much you want to spend on online slots before you have started with any particular slot. You can also plan to visit casinos that offer the option of setting personal spending limits and ‘loss and wager’ limits.
In addition to this, you must always celebrate you epic wins. If you have just hit the jackpot of millions then make merry by cashing out. Just enjoy when you win and do not keep on starving your bankroll by playing more and more.

Don’ts for Slot Games

RNG ensures the randomness of the numbers while you are playing the slots. It means that the wins are also produced randomly. Thus, if you have heard of any news of assured winning and jackpots then treat it as a myth. Never ever try that supposed perfect winning strategy of your mate.

The second thing to be kept in mind is that the slot machine will keep on enticing you to play more spins to win big. However, you should not fall into that trap. Continuing the slot will not assure any money, logically. The wise advice is that when the house keeps winning, you should just walk off the casino.

The Bottom Line

Therefore, the online slot can be very interesting and rewarding if you are well aware of the previously mentioned dos and don’ts. Do not just sit like a dumb head in front of your mobile or computer screen and keep spending cash on slots. Remember, online slots can be highly rewarding only when you have that little smartness and brains to play them.

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Casinos with Jack and the Beanstalk Slot

If you are looking for a new casino on which to play the excellent Jack and the Beanstalk slot, then welcome to our guide. Below you will find out top five sites to play on the slot, as well as the best bonuses you can receive with each of the sites. If you are after a bingo room, rather than a casino, on which to play then check out our other guide

How we decide on who makes the list

Rather than choosing the casinos that pay the best advertising rates, we have impartially selected the sites in our list, based on the following criteria:

Site design and theme. We believe that a nice looking site, with a well designed, user friendly and unique theme, provides a much nicer experience when playing a slot machine.

Customer Support. There is nothing worse than having a problem when playing on casino and not have access to support that can help you. If you have a problem with depositing, bonuses, or anything else, each of the casinos that have been listed in our table, will have quality 24-hour support, at hand.

Game selection. Although you are probably going to be mainly interested in playing on Jack and the Beanstalk slot, if you are reading this guide, it is always good to have a bit of variety, to add to the enjoyment of casino gaming.

Each of the sites we have chosen offer the complete set of Net Entertainment games, as well as selected other provided by different software developers.

Deposit options. Different people have deposit methods that they prefer, and it is frustrating signing up with a casino, only let you play if you have a Visa card. We have made sure only to pick the ones that offer at a minimum – debit and credit cards, PayPal, and Neteller.

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Although Slots are a Game of Chance, There are Certain Tips and Tricks that You can Use to Make Your Slot Playing Experience Worthwhile!

One of the reasons for the fascination of slot games that remains unchanged is that in this entertaining game, a win is not assured or predictable. There is always an element of surprise!

Further, the slot games offer jackpot deals, which are highly lucrative. The slot games with customised themes are easy to play too.

These factors have ensured that the slot games stay at the top of the preference list of players.

Basic Facts for Profiting at Slot Games

Since you are pitted against a computer when you play online slot games, chances of winning are solely based on the probability.

Hence, you can increase your probability of winning by opting to play with multiple pay lines.

When you play with multiple pay lines, not only does your chance of winning increase, but your earnings also increase through the enhanced bonus offers.

Ignorance Leads to Failings

More often than not, what happens in an online casino is that winning situations are squandered away.

This is primarily due to the carelessness of players in not complying with the casino rules.

Reason for this could be either that players have not read the terms and conditions of play, before beginning the game or that they have not taken the precaution of remembering the rules of the games.

Bonuses offered at the online casinos always come with conditions and hence, to usefully utilise the bonus offers, players need to take every precaution to comply with the rules.

Withdrawing at the Right Time

While there are regular mentions of losses suffered at the casinos, very rarely it is mentioned that players do win at casinos.

Mostly it is the avarice of players to win more that leads them to their doom.

Thus, players need to learn to be content and should know when to draw a line to stop the betting.

For this, the players should set their budget at the onset. When players play endlessly and with fond hopes, they tend to bet their entire fortune and many times lose everything.

A Quick Rainy Day Policy

You may love the game of Jack and Beanstalk slot for its attractive themes and icons.

You may even profit from the game on most days, but on a day if you are repeatedly losing your bets, it is prudent to stop the game.

Since sometime the losing streak is never ending, it makes sense to call it quits, before catastrophe strikes in the form of heavy financial loses.

Like it is tempting to continue playing when you win, while losing, your thoughts revolve around regaining the lost money.

It is like falling in a trap, if you are unable to decide about quitting to play.

Winning, Though Unpredictable-Profiting Can’t Be Ruled Out!

As discussed here, all it takes to win online slot games is some perspective of the game and firmness to deal with situations.

With these factors in mind, it is not very difficult for players to even win the jackpot rounds in the slots.

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There are Always Ways to Enhance Your Slot Playing Experience! Try These Tips to Have Fun and Win Even More!

Nothing can be more exciting and enthralling than playing online slot games. These internet based slot games have made thousands and millions of people addicted to them.

However, you need to ensure that you don’t get addicted to playing slot games online.

While playing the game, you can simply hit the Quit button and stop Autoplay mode.

Slot games are very easy to play and earn good amount of cash. Further, majority of the people also hunt for the best online casinos to play slot games as not all sites are authentic.

The slot machine games are available in numerous colours, shapes and themes attracting people from all across the globe.

In fact, different winning combinations in these games keep on changing from time to time. Hence, you will see a different pattern every time you are set to play the game.

Tips on Playing Better

As a beginner, you need to get hold of a slot machine that is easy to understand and play. For instance, starting off with a three reel slot than five reels will ensure that you’re not left perplexed while playing slot games.

Another thing that you need to remember is that starting with a lower wager and trying out demo games first will definitely help enhance your slot playing skills.

Although it is great to enjoy your favourite activity, you also need to remember not to put all your eggs in one basket. If you’re not winning in one slot game, you can definitely move one and try another one.

All the payouts and the winning combos are different in each slot machine. So, if you’ve been unlucky with one, your luck may change on the next slot machine.

While searching the internet, you will come across different online websites that offer a wide array of slot games.

One such game is Jack and the Beanstalk slot that is designed by Net Entertainment. The Walking Wild feature and free spins are a major attraction of this five-reel and 20 pay lines game.

About Slot Machines

Earlier, the number of coins placed per line was limited, but now slot makers have increased this limit.

You can place more coins per line. Knowing the rules, strategies and pay out of the game before playing it will prove to very beneficial.

It is true that a handful of players have become millionaires by playing different slot games.

To start with, you can try your hands on a basic slot game that can prove to be beneficial also. When a person leaves the game after playing it for some time, they realise that the game is lucky for them.

Moreover, the gambling system brings together different inter-connected elements of gambling in order to improve the chances of winning.

In the free online slot games, the wild symbols helps in acquiring more cash while the logo symbol (wild symbol in most cases) is the multiplier.

For all the people present at the casinos, it is an ambience of absolute fun, thrill, excitement and legal tender.

As a player, you need to look at some innovative ideas and strategies to level the playing field and turn all the bets in your favour.

For now, look for the most authentic and licensed online gaming websites to start playing and earning!

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A Look at the Different Varieties of Slot Games Available Out There? Have You Played Any One?

You will find a huge variety of slot games once you have landed on a licensed online casino gaming website.

Some games are popular due to their amazing theme, while some break records by offering the largest jackpot. No matter which kind of slot game you’re looking for-three reel or five reels, progressive or non-progressive jackpots, you’ll find this and much more on most online casinos!

Thunderstruck Slot

While talking about the Thunderstruck slot, The Great Hall of Spins will offer you four huge varieties of bonus games.

Players try out new techniques to play the game in the best possible manner and win big. Some strategies work to reach to the highest pay out, while some simply do not work at all.

You can also alternate games on multi-denominational and multi-game slot machines.

The moment celestial pig lands, it is considered to be a wild symbol and is later placed in the box in the entire game. Every time when you add a coin, a pay line is enabled.

Jack and the Beanstalk Slot

Jack and the Beanstalk is one of the most entertaining 3D video slots produced by Net Entertainment. It is a five reel game with 20 pay lines and amazing wild features.

The Walking Wilds can appear on the screen at any time during the game. This is the most popular video slot that has become a favourite among the gamers.

While playing this slot game, you need to remember to align the symbols on the reels in order to create the best winning combination.

Always ensure that the images are clear, and you can browse the websites to get an idea about the strategies and suggestions.

Further, you need to try and play with maximum coins, as it increases your chances of winning the highest jackpot.

Here, a variety of slot machines are linked with each other. A small percentage from each of these machines is gathered to offer a large winning jackpot amount to the player!

Playing Slots Free of Cost

When you are playing on a progressive slot machine to earn the maximum amount, you will see that the holes are accurate, concentric and same as drilled holes.

The players will receive the rake angles on the cutting tools in order to trigger a wedging action. This happens to form the chips and reduce heat and friction.

On the basis of your total casino gambling budget for every trip, you can easily upgrade to quarters and nickels.

To gain knowledge about the winning combinations, you can explore the pay table that appear on the screen before the game starts.

The players who are planning to adopt any specific gambling method must need to make sure that the planned strategy is from a dependable site.

Among the different denominations and themes of the slot machines, penny slot machines are the most renowned.

Thus, it is sure that you may have gained information about the types of slot games and their features.

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You’ll be Shocked to Learn that These are the Important Things About Online Slot Games No One will Bother to Tell You!

If you’ve been to a regular land-based casino at any destination in the world, then you’ve probably seen slot machines because they are very popular with casino goers.

Online slots are exactly like these machines except for the fact that they are played virtually.

The look and feel of the machines is exactly alike since they are played in the same way. Another similarity is their popularity with visitors to online casinos.

These games are very easy to play and there is no method that has to be followed in order to win since it depends purely on chance.

Online slots are growing in popularity because they offer people the opportunity to relax while gambling from the comfort of their homes.

People can play these games at any time of their convenience and for as long as they like. Even so, there are a few things that are unique to online slot games, which have been mentioned below.

#1-Excellent Jackpots

Online slots tend to give excellent jackpots when compared to casino slot games. It is not often that slot machines at land-based casinos are able to offer great jackpots, whereas they are more common with online casinos.

The online slot games offer very good odds of winning when compared to land-based slots.

#2-Free Online Slot Games

Websites tend to offer free online slots for a variety of reasons.

As an online gamer, you can play these games absolutely free of cost while you check out whether the site offers good service and quality of playing.

This is also a good way of deciding whether a particular slot game is worth playing or not.

You can play slots free for as long as you want, although you are more likely to start playing with money when you see the opportunity to win regularly.

This is actually a great way to relax without playing money.

#3-Attractive Bonuses and Promotions

Many online casinos offer joining promotions and regular discounts in order to attract and retain customers.

This means that playing slots on these sites is quite a profitable endeavour.

They give a number of free spins and bonus rounds. However, the details vary according to the game, but they all tend to be very enjoyable.

Both type of slot games are best played with very small amounts wagered in order to spread one’s money as far as possible.

Since these games offer a very high ratio of wager to wins, there is really no need to bet a lot of money.

A strategy consisting of betting a lot of money at any one time may just end in frustration since there is no guarantee of winning.

Slot games that offer progressive jackpots are very popular because of the chance of winning a great deal of money.

Here too, online slots score very high because the jackpot amount can amount to a lot more!

It is always a good idea to choose an online slot game that has a track record of making excellent payouts. Jack and the Beanstalk slot from Net Entertainment is a very exciting game that gives very good payouts as well as many bonus features.

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What Players Think of Jack and the Beanstalk Slot?

Jack and the Beanstalk slot is rated as one of the best slot games from Net Entertainment. The game has gained the approval of all players with its fairytale theme, entertaining music in the backdrop, the spins and the payouts.

This is testified by numerous active players on the net. Interestingly, when you glance through the reviews and comments of players, you can see that even the discerning players who have some criticism about the slot, are not outright condemning the game.

The Secret behind the Success of Slots

For most online gaming enthusiasts, it is not winning or losing that matters the most. The factor that they are more particular is the entertainment quotient.

This is something that the game developers are fully aware of. And this is the reason, why the software specialists take the utmost care in designing a product, which is unique, stimulating and highly enjoyable.

Net Entertainment, has undoubtedly, and succeeded in this venture in arresting the complete attention of the players towards the game. But obviously, since the theme alone does not assure of complete patronage of the players, gaming aspects are also taken care of by the software honchos.

The Wild Scenario

Both the scatter and wild symbols have been lavished with praises by the players. The liberal presence of the wild symbol in most of the reels has made it profitable to the players and the players have not shied away from conceding this fact.

The awesome wilds represented by Jack and the Beanstalk logo offer multiple free spins to the players, which in turn lead to wins for the players.

Judicious use of the symbols let the players spin the slot to their heart’s content. Though initially players begin to play with circumspection, about the possibility of completing the game successfully, in no time they understand that the game has been conceived with high probability loaded in favour of the players.

Lesser Disappointments

Players do not forget to mention in their reviews that losses are minimal, and are far and few. Likewise, players do accept that this slot does not actually win them huge sums of betting money, but you cannot find bitterness or disappointment in their tones.

Some players have felt that the requirement of unlocking the chests is a bit daunting, but there are several acknowledgements about moving to winning position, from being nowhere.

Most players sound in unison that their saviour in the slot game is the presence of the wild symbol.

Some have lamented that there have not been many opportunities for free spins in this slot game. Others have felt sore about not getting adequate bonus rounds.

But these shortcomings have not come in the way to sign-in for the games, frequently. The interesting features, reasonably good payouts, and the fact that the game has been developed by Net Entertainment are some of the reasons for players to make the Jack and Beanstalk slot as their preferred online game now.