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Germany’s Duisburg Casino Going Strong After a Decade

Germany’s popular Duisburg Casino recently celebrated the completion of 10 years of operation, during which it has gone on to become one of the best-loved gambling establishments in the country. It cost €35 million to build and it was a huge sensation when it was launched on the 23rd of February, 2007.

The gambling industry in Germany is regulated but hasn’t been developed to its fullest potential due to a number of reasons and this was, even more, the case when the casino was inaugurated. In fact, neighbouring Denmark has consistently had more gambling establishments than Germany even though its population is many times smaller. There are only around 70 casinos in Germany, in addition to around 40 bingo halls, and this is really very insufficient given that the country has close to 85 million people.

It is clear to see that the gambling industry in Germany is woefully underserved even though casino like the one at Duisburg are definitely offering Germans high-quality gambling experiences in a safe environment. The casino at Duisburg is one of the best in the country and it attracts discerning gamblers from surrounding areas as well as further afield.

Duisburg Casino Popular Right from the Outset

The Duisburg casino was a major hit with gamblers right from the time it was launched ten years ago. In fact, it saw 5000 guests right when it started operations., over and above the invitees who included notables such as the city’s Mayor and the country’s Minister of State for Finance. The casino’s futuristic design (conceived by noted designer Gunter Merkle) was a big hit with customers, as were its wide range of games. The casino’s starry ceiling with suspended spacecraft gave it an otherworldly feel that was very popular with visitors.

The casino saw peak attendance in 2007 when approximately 600,000 visitors came here to gamble. There was a huge slump in 2011 brought about by global economic slowdown, but numbers increased once again to touch 400,000 in 2016.

A Wide Range of Games at Duisburg Casino

The quality of gaming at the Duisburg Casino is up to international standards and there is a wide range of games here. The lion’s share of revenues comes from slot games and the rest from table games. However, the revenues from live games have been increasing vis-à-vis slot games, and it is 40% at present. Slot games are no doubt immensely popular with gamblers because of their simplicity.

There are around 350 slot machines in the Duisburg casino, and these are kept apart from the live gaming tables in keeping with German law. However, the growth of the online gambling industry has resulted in many people choosing to play slots on the internet instead of at land based casinos. Games like jack and the Beanstalk slots are extremely exciting because they feature high-tech animation and also they give the possibility of huge wins. At the same time, they choose to play live games at brick and mortar casinos because of the social element.

The growing interest in live table games has prompted the Duisburg Casino to add quite a few multiplayer roulette stations to the two dozen gaming tables it already has. The casino also hosts a number of poker tournaments that bring in lots of participants.

The Duisburg Casino is unusual in that it is not part of a hotel. However, there are many hotels around it since it is located in the middle of downtown Duisburg. The casino has two bars within it. It is at the centre of the entertainment facilities in the city and lots of people come here to catch a bit of gambling along with drinks and dinner.

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