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The Partnership Between BetSoft Gaming and Pixelo

A partnership deal has been signed between Betsoft Gaming, which is a leading 3D iGaming supplier and Pixelo, an Italian platform.

Pixelo’s Sales Director, Cristina Ferrario proudly stated that Pixelo was a fairly young company which is growing fast with the launch of new games on the platform and is looking forward to establishing themselves at a leading position in the country.

The partnership deal enables all Pixelo players to be able to access Betsoft games on the platform.

Betsoft’s Sales and Account Manager, Julian Camilleri mentioned that they were very proud of their partnership with Pixelo. Julian also revealed that the partnership deal between the two companies was a significant change which will help them push themselves in the Italian market.

Poker&Bet will the first licensee to go live on Pixelo with Betssoft’s games. The experience of gaming on Pixelo will be further enhanced with the help of Betsoft’s premium iGaming content.

The content can be accessed on

Betsoft Gaming is best known for its 3D cinematic gaming features. It offers its audience a wide range of 180 games. Slots3™ being the most popular one out of all the games. Betsoft offers a complete system of online gaming to its Tier One audience. The quality and experience of Betsoft are known to be even better than that of animated feature film’s quality. It was first introduced in the market in 2012 and was particularly marketed as a mobile gaming sector. Its Slots3™ games were the most popular ones among the users. The ToGo™ collection was a part of the Slots3™. By 2013, it held a variety of games and worked with top gaming operations in the industry.

After the Betsoft and Pixelo partnership, the next announcement was about their partnership with the European operator Intertops. The two companies joined their hands together to deliver a better gaming experience to their users.

Intertops can serve Betsoft’s entire range of games including Slots3™ games, the ToGo collection and more of its mobile games.

Julian Camilleri, Betsoft’s Sales and Account Manager had some great things to say about the partnership. He mentioned that Intertop not only believed in delivering the best experience to their users but also kept in mind their future experience and hence, thrived at serving the best to their users.

As experienced industry players, Intertop has seen a rise and fall trend among most games that have been introduced. However, as stated by a representative from Intertop, Betsoft’s games were very consistent. Their older games were as popular as the new ones. Betsoft’s consistency led Intertop to join hands with them. They are proud to announce the partnership and look forward to offering their users the best gaming experience with Betsoft games.

Apart from the 2 partnerships with Pixelo and Intertop, Betsoft has also announced their partnership with Eurobet. Eurobet is a part of the Ladbrokes Coral Group and is also known for its dominance in the Italian gaming market. It also won the Italian EGR award for Operator of the Year, consecutively for two years.

Eurobet will be starting out by taking over Betsoft’s Slots3™ games which have been ADM approved.

Alfredo Melloni, Head of Gaming for Eurobet mentioned that they had mainly chosen Betsoft to provide the games because of the quality and experience provided by its games. He was confident that because of its quality and fun experience, it will soon gain popularity in the market. Eurobet is looking forward to adding more games from Betsoft, given that they get their ADM certification.

Francesca Raniolo from Betsoft added that they were mainly attracted to Eurobet for its interest in maintaining the quality and standard of the games offered to their users.

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A Double Jackpot Win Rewards a Lucky Woman With Millions! Was She Playing Jack and the Beanstalk Slots?

Don’t we all dream of winning a life-changing amount of money? Whether it comes in the form of win from a lottery, bet or scratch card, it doesn’t matter. Although this may seem like an unrealistic fantasy for many of us, one woman has turned it into reality. The lucky woman, has once again grabbed all the headlines, for winning yet another jackpot, only with more money this time.

Siberian Storm Slot Rewards a Double Jackpot

All thanks to Mr. Green Casino Ireland, Jessica C was playing one of the famous slot games on the site, called Siberian Storm, when she won the grand prize. Not to mention, the grand prize consisted of a hefty sum of money, which has now allowed her to semi-retire and live the rest of her life at a relaxed place. Winning the jackpot has transformed her life completely.

Despite of having won a jackpot earlier in November 2015, which was close to half a million euros, it didn’t stop Jessica C to try her luck out again. She wanted to go the extra mile and push her luck once more by going for another spin, which allowed her to bag another impressive jackpot. Her second jackpot win came in February 2017.

Jessica C decided to go for the additional spin again in February 2017, and as the event unfolded, she managed to win the jackpot, adding to her total winnings of around €4.3 million.

One in a Million, But Not Impossible to Win A Double Jackpot!

Even though, many would say that the chances of this happening are one in a million, it’s not entirely impossible. Another example to prove this could be of the Dublin Shop, which sold 2 jackpot winning tickets. Within the past year, two big money national lottery tickets have been sold by Ken O’Toole. One which was sold in March this year, gave away a prize of €12.8 million. Another ticket which was sold 10 years prior, gave away a prize of €6.5 million. Talk about the odds here, the odds of winning a single jackpot are 1 in 8 million.

However, it doesn’t end here, there are even weirder winners of big jackpot prizes. There was a couple that won a sum of £150,000 on EuroMillions. The strange bit is that, they went on to win another £150,000, after the couple’s dog found another jackpot ticket, which was reported by the Mirror. This doubled their winnings and allowed them to walk away with an impressive £300,000 in total.

Despite of having low chances statistically, these events have still occurred and have rewarded the winners with vast sum of wealth, even allowing them to go after their dreams. Like the first jackpot allowed Jessica to travel across the world and the second could allow her to do more things, which she says that she hasn’t yet figured it out.

Possible to Win A Double Jackpot by Playing Online Slot Games

We all are aware of the fact, that online slot games can generate massive jackpots. Different slot games have different mechanisms. Most of these video slots have the fixed payout model, which gives the rewards the player on his initial bet. In simple words, this means, that the maximum amount of money that can be won by the player is determined by the amount he puts in the bet. However, there are progressive jackpots too, the one won by Jessica. These jackpots get accumulated over a certain period of time and then get awarded to any player, at random. These have nothing to do with the amount that they are betting with.

The popularity of online slot games and digital casinos is increasing massively. The games can be played on multiple platforms, covering a wide range of devices, making them easily accessible.

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Germany’s Duisburg Casino Going Strong After a Decade

Germany’s popular Duisburg Casino recently celebrated the completion of 10 years of operation, during which it has gone on to become one of the best-loved gambling establishments in the country. It cost €35 million to build and it was a huge sensation when it was launched on the 23rd of February, 2007.

The gambling industry in Germany is regulated but hasn’t been developed to its fullest potential due to a number of reasons and this was, even more, the case when the casino was inaugurated. In fact, neighbouring Denmark has consistently had more gambling establishments than Germany even though its population is many times smaller. There are only around 70 casinos in Germany, in addition to around 40 bingo halls, and this is really very insufficient given that the country has close to 85 million people.

It is clear to see that the gambling industry in Germany is woefully underserved even though casino like the one at Duisburg are definitely offering Germans high-quality gambling experiences in a safe environment. The casino at Duisburg is one of the best in the country and it attracts discerning gamblers from surrounding areas as well as further afield.

Duisburg Casino Popular Right from the Outset

The Duisburg casino was a major hit with gamblers right from the time it was launched ten years ago. In fact, it saw 5000 guests right when it started operations., over and above the invitees who included notables such as the city’s Mayor and the country’s Minister of State for Finance. The casino’s futuristic design (conceived by noted designer Gunter Merkle) was a big hit with customers, as were its wide range of games. The casino’s starry ceiling with suspended spacecraft gave it an otherworldly feel that was very popular with visitors.

The casino saw peak attendance in 2007 when approximately 600,000 visitors came here to gamble. There was a huge slump in 2011 brought about by global economic slowdown, but numbers increased once again to touch 400,000 in 2016.

A Wide Range of Games at Duisburg Casino

The quality of gaming at the Duisburg Casino is up to international standards and there is a wide range of games here. The lion’s share of revenues comes from slot games and the rest from table games. However, the revenues from live games have been increasing vis-à-vis slot games, and it is 40% at present. Slot games are no doubt immensely popular with gamblers because of their simplicity.

There are around 350 slot machines in the Duisburg casino, and these are kept apart from the live gaming tables in keeping with German law. However, the growth of the online gambling industry has resulted in many people choosing to play slots on the internet instead of at land based casinos. Games like jack and the Beanstalk slots are extremely exciting because they feature high-tech animation and also they give the possibility of huge wins. At the same time, they choose to play live games at brick and mortar casinos because of the social element.

The growing interest in live table games has prompted the Duisburg Casino to add quite a few multiplayer roulette stations to the two dozen gaming tables it already has. The casino also hosts a number of poker tournaments that bring in lots of participants.

The Duisburg Casino is unusual in that it is not part of a hotel. However, there are many hotels around it since it is located in the middle of downtown Duisburg. The casino has two bars within it. It is at the centre of the entertainment facilities in the city and lots of people come here to catch a bit of gambling along with drinks and dinner.

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Pennsylvania Online Gambling Expansion Likely Post Budget Amendment and How it May Affect Online Casino Games Like Jack and the Beanstalk Slots

There might be some progress in Pennsylvania’s long-standing dispute regarding the question of legalising daily fantasy sports (DFS) and online casinos. There are many takers for different types of online gambling but there is also great resistance to it from established land based operators as well as groups that believe that online gambling leads to addiction etc. However, the governor’s budget address to the state’s General Assembly revealed interesting information that could help resolve this argument.

Much to most people’s surprise, the Governor Tom Wolf recent address included a budget amendment proposal that, among other things, indicated $250 million for what was termed a gaming expansion. The state’s budget for the 12 months starting July 2017 has been pegged at $81 billion, with $32.3 billion of it expected to be generated by state taxes. Pennsylvania has a budget deficit at present, which amounts to around $3 billion.

Wolf expects the gaming expansion proposal to generate $100 million more than what it contributed in the previous fiscal year. Over and above that will be revenues of $150 million brought in as a result of expanding the state’s existing gaming activities.

This budget proposal will have to be discussed in detail by the General Assembly but it is unlikely that the gambling expansion will be dismissed outright. After all, lawmakers have to take the $3 billion deficit into account and take steps to bring down the shortfall by the time the next fiscal year draws to a close.

Online Gambling Crucial to Industry Expansion

There isn’t any law as yet that can help contribute to the $100 million increased revenues from gambling that the state has budgeted for during the current financial year. As a matter of fact, there isn’t even any specific information about how the gambling industry in Pennsylvania can be expected to account an increase in the next financial year. However, a number of measures are currently being discussed with a sense of urgency. One is to put land-based casinos on a higher tax rate. The other is to widen the gambling base by offering slot games at a number of new venues.

If this happens, then people can play slots at airports, tracks, and also betting parlours. There is also a proposal to install video lottery terminals at different privately owned establishments across the state.

The state has no option but to focus on online gambling in order to generate the $100 million required to bridge its budget deficit. After all, online gambling is the only activity that can generate such a large amount of money in the shortest possible time. Therefore, while the government hasn’t specifically said that it will legalize online gambling in the near future, this is clearly in the cards.

Resolution to Long-Standing Dispute?

As mentioned earlier, the state has long been debating the legalisation of online gambling. In fact, the House even passed two separate bills during the previous year to legalise gambling. However, both of these bills were stopped in the Senate. Given that there is immense pressure on the budget for this year and the next, it is very likely that the opponents of online gambling will finally have to give in and legalise it. Customers from Pennsylvania will then be able to play their favourite Jack and the Beanstalk slots and a whole lot of other games on reliable and well-regulated gaming sites without taking the risk of playing at unregulated sites.

Many reliable opinion state that the gambling industry works best for all parties concerned when it is regulated well. Perhaps it’s about time that Pennsylvania lawmakers realised it as well.

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A New Casino With Games Like Jack and the Beanstalk Slots for High Rollers to be Launched by Kindred Group

According to the media reports, Unibet Group, now famous as Kindred Group has launched its latest internet casino brand. This new casino is entirely different from the others existing in the industry, as it is dedicated to the high rollers only. It has been ideally developed for the players who actually spend £200 or more than that every month on online gambling.

In the Words of Peter Alling, Head of Nordic Public Affairs at Kindred Group

Peter Alling, Head of Nordic Public Affairs at Kindred Group recently mentioned in an interview that it is very easy to hunt players that spend considerable a large amount on online gambling within all the international and national companies. He added that the time is gone when it was assumed that the group of high rollers does not exist. On the contrary to the earlier belief, the company has come up with the solutions to meet the gaming demands of this group and is aimed at launching a safer gambling environment.

Alling further stated that the company has always considered the need of every customer at the time of planning the growth and development of the company. He said that Kindred Group has gained enough experience to realize the needs of its customers and ways to meet those demands. He mentioned that the high roller concept has been launched only after thorough analysis of the players and their demands. Since the gambling habits different from every individual, the company aims at focusing on the individual’s behavior, adds Alling.

About – The Latest Casino From Kindred Group

At this new site, one thing that is going to be entirely unique is the third party affordability assessments of all the customers. This system is applicable for the new players and is an addition to the already existing compulsory checks like band ID registration, ID check, self-exclusion tools, personal deposits and loss limits of the player and the PS-EDS surveillance system.

Thus, the site will feature strict and unique responsible gambling tools that will help it in detecting problem gamblers and their behavior. If you are a Swedish then you can use your BankID to register at the site and the same facility is going to be implemented for Norwegian players. In Norway, players can sign up by showing their documents and play Jack and the Beanstalk Slots.

On this, Alling said that the company feels proud to announce and claims to fulfill all the gaming responsibilities. He assured the industry that the company is aiming at establishing a new standard in the casino industry by detecting, preventing and handling the issues of problem gambling. He believes that setting a collective limit is far less effective than exploiting tools to focus on the needs of each customer.

More on Kindred Group

As per the reports, the group was judged on various basis that includes implementation of the measures that can prevent minors from gambling, making use of latest gaming tools to prevent problem gambling, communication of transparent information, self-exclusions, customer support services, deposit limits, training of employees and ways of handling issues of gambling. It is true that the company follows the best policies and adheres to the industry standards completely. It is known to have the unsurpassed practices throughout the European Single Digital Market.

In fact, Henrik Tjärnström, CEO at Kindred Group has also made it clear that the company will keep on raising its standards and will make more efforts to gain customer trust. He is glad to recognize the fact that the Kindred Group has the right practices and cater to the needs of the players in the best possible manner. Thus, it is the right time for the high rollers to be a part of the new casino by Kindred Group.

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Arcade-style Games Gain More Prominence in Casinos than Online Casino Games like Jack and the Beanstalk Slots

If you’ve ever walked into the North Shore casino, Rivers casino, you would have noticed that slot machines made up the maximum number of games at the casino.

But the casino executives have a change of heart now. They are willing to bet on arcade-style games and ‘party pits’ in order to attract the younger generation of gamblers. The thought process behind this is that the gambling industry will need to offer games that look and feel new and innovative to keep the millenials interested.

Marcus Yoder is the Vice President of Sales at Gamblit Gaming. It is a California company, which develops all kinds of digital games for the casinos. He is of the opinion that the younger generation are literally surrounded by some amazing technology all the time. So, a concept like slot machine seems very dull and boring to them.

Some startling statistics reveal that people in the age group of 21 to 35 visit the casinos more than any other age groups.

But only 2% of this age group are really interested in playing slot games!

Yoder further states that, “There are some amazing graphics and fabulous machines out there waiting to be played. But all of them have the feature of pressing a button and then waiting to see what they have won. That’s just not interesting anymore!”

Fortunately for Massachusetts, New Jersey and Nevada, the lawmakers have passed a legislation that allows the casinos in these places to offer arcade-style games. And even though the House of Representatives in Pennsylvania approved a similar legislation in June, they are yet to act on it.

Since the legislative session ends on 30 November, post which the bills can’t be acted upon, Westmoreland County Republican, State Rep. George Dunbar mentioned that he would mostly reintroduce the bill next session as well. After all, he is the bill’s primary sponsor.

Dunbar further mentioned that the casinos need to reinvent themselves all the time. He said that one of the ways to attract a younger crowd is to find the things that they would like and would probably participate in.

Gamblit Gaming’s video games are a combination of skill and chance.

In one of their games, Smoothie Blast, the object of the game is to fill a blender with fruit. The payouts depend on how fast the blender is filled and how different are the combinations of the fruits. Of course, the house advantage still exists, but the players have the ability to make more money as they get more experience playing the game.

In order to ensure that the millenials are more interested in playing casino games, some game manufacturers are developing tabletop games that can be played by two or three players at a time, while some others are investing in virtual reality gaming. Commenting on such games, the Vice President of Slot Operations, Rivers Casino, Andre Barnabei said that they could be in our future!

Research has found that on one hand where millenials are more social, the baby boomers are exact opposites. Millenials like to come to the casino with friends and love socialising while gambling. But the baby boomers have no problem at all in visiting the casinos alone. In fact, they prefer that and their height of socialising is talking to their neighbours at an adjacent slot machine, that too if they feel like it.

Millenials like to have a control on how much they spend. Arcade-style games like blackjack and roulette give them the option to spend whatever they like while enjoying with their friends and sipping a few beers.

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The Palaces Casino Offers Some of the Biggest Names in the Gambling Industry Like Jack and the Beanstalk Slots

The Palaces casino is a brand new casino that was launched sometime back. is owned and operated by Palatial Leisure Limited. For them, it’s all about entertainment. Hence, you’re sure to not get bored at all. The casino offers games from some of the biggest names in the industry – IGT, Parlay Games and Net Entertainment.
Isn’t it great? This ensures that you’ll have access to a huge collection of all kinds of interesting and new casino games. These game developers are also known to release new slot games regularly. So, there will never be a shortage of games to choose from.

New Member Welcome Bonus at The Palaces Casino

If you’ve not signed up with The Palaces casino already, then you’re in for a great surprise. The casino is offering a 100% first deposit bonus to all its new members. You’ll be eligible to receive a bonus of up to £250 along with 77 free spins.

All Kinds of Games Offered at The Palaces Casino

Although The Palaces casino is a fairly new entrant in the online gambling world, they understand that the only way to keep their current and future members happy is by offering them a variety of games to choose from. Hence, you’ll find standard card and table games like blackjack and roulette.

Additionally, if you’d like to experience a real-life casino ambience at home, you can also play some live dealer versions of roulette and blackjack. Some of the other casino games that you’ll find here are video poker, bingo as well as arcade games. Of course, all online casinos will be incomplete without their share of slots.

So, you’ll find the best variety of slot games at the Palaces casino.

Huge Selection of Payment and Withdrawal Options and Fast Payouts

We are sure that you’d like a variety of options while depositing money into your account and while making withdrawals too. Getting stuck with limited options and not being too sure about how to fund your account can be quite a turn off. But at the Palaces casino, you don’t really have to worry about this.

Not only do they offer plenty of options to deposit and withdraw your funds, but they also process withdrawals within only a few hours. You will receive your funds soon through your chosen payment provider.

Friendly Customer Support

The customer support agents at the Palaces casino are super-friendly and willing to go that extra mile to ensure everyone’s problems are sorted. You can contact them through email, postal mail, telephone and even live chat. If you happen to visit their land-based casino, you can be assured of their timely help and service.

Security and Confidentiality at The Palaces Casino

They take confidentiality and security very seriously. Their main focus is to ensure that all their members’ personal information stays safe and secure at all times. To make sure that they are able to achieve their goals, they have the most complex security measures in place.

The Final Verdict

Although they are a new online casino, the Palaces already have a number of promotions that you can enjoy. From winning 77 free spins to winning a new car and everything in between. If you refer someone to their site, you’ll be given an additional £10 for every new friend that signs up.

All in all, the Palaces casino has all that any online casino goer can expect. From great games, exceptional customer service to fabulous promotions and bonuses. Sign up today to experience it all!

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Generous Offer of Sky Vegas Casino For Their Members on Games Like Jack and the Beanstalk Slots

In order to attract new members and keep their existing members happy, online casinos often come out with amazing offers and promotions. More often than not, these offers are for a limited time period and last for a month or a few days. It’s not uncommon for online casinos to come up with offers around the holiday size.

Not to be left behind in the offer game, Sky Vegas Casino has also come up with a offer that lasts until 20th November. The offer states that you can claim the casino bonus with very little effort. The entire process is very simple and will hardly take any time. Just visit the casino and choose to be a part of the promotion. Then you’ll need to make a deposit of a minimum of £10. You can even deposit more if you like.

Without doing anything more, your account will be credited by £10. You can use this bonus to play any casino games that you like. They have some new and exclusive games like Mandarin Orchid and Wild Bandits. But if you’d like to stick to some older and well-established slot games, then you can even pick Wild Antics or Rainbow Riches.

The Online Casino Games at Sky Vegas Casino

While you do have an option to stick to the ones you know, Sky Vegas casino truly has a wide range of online casino games that you can play and make some money off them in the process. Their three-reel or video slots are some games that you can start with.

So games like Dracula slot and Dead or Alive slot that use elements from pop culture icons are really popular here.

If you’d like to try some table games, then why not try the several variants of roulette or blackjack. A variant of roulette called Zodiac Roulette is quite popular with its members. You should also try playing that. Of course, there are some other table games like red dog, craps and baccarat, which are the favourites.

In addition to these games, you’ll also find games like Golden Clover, 3 Card Brag and Casino Dice. These are some of the games that you’ll probably not find at any other online casinos.

So why not use the £10 bonus and play such games?

Sky Vegas casino also has a collection of video poker games, but it’s limited. You’ll only find games like 50-hand Joker Poker, 10-hand Jacks or Better and a rather generic multi-hand Jacks or Better. If you like playing poker and are looking for more options, you’ll need to look at some other online casinos.

Live Games at Sky Vegas Casino

If you miss the ambience and atmosphere of a real-life casino, then you’ll love Sky Vegas’s live casino. Being a broadcasting company, they can very easily stream live video of their three casino favourites – baccarat, roulette and blackjack.

You’ll be able to talk with the gorgeous dealers as well as the other players. Higher bet limits makes playing these live games an even better experience. Not to forget, the real casino environment that you can be a part of while playing these games from the comfort of your own home.

Customer Support at Sky Vegas Casino

Since Sky Vegas is a part of a major corporation, they know what it takes to keep their customers happy. Hence, they offer plenty of options to get in touch with them. You can call, email, and even send a postal mail. But the best way to get in touch with them is via live chat.

The live chat is accessible 24/7, so you’ll always have someone waiting to help you.

All in all, Sky Vegas is a great casino where you can have a fabulous time. So go ahead, make use of their bonus offer and start playing the games that you enjoy today!