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A New Casino With Games Like Jack and the Beanstalk Slots for High Rollers to be Launched by Kindred Group

According to the media reports, Unibet Group, now famous as Kindred Group has launched its latest internet casino brand. This new casino is entirely different from the others existing in the industry, as it is dedicated to the high rollers only. It has been ideally developed for the players who actually spend £200 or more than that every month on online gambling.

In the Words of Peter Alling, Head of Nordic Public Affairs at Kindred Group

Peter Alling, Head of Nordic Public Affairs at Kindred Group recently mentioned in an interview that it is very easy to hunt players that spend considerable a large amount on online gambling within all the international and national companies. He added that the time is gone when it was assumed that the group of high rollers does not exist. On the contrary to the earlier belief, the company has come up with the solutions to meet the gaming demands of this group and is aimed at launching a safer gambling environment.

Alling further stated that the company has always considered the need of every customer at the time of planning the growth and development of the company. He said that Kindred Group has gained enough experience to realize the needs of its customers and ways to meet those demands. He mentioned that the high roller concept has been launched only after thorough analysis of the players and their demands. Since the gambling habits different from every individual, the company aims at focusing on the individual’s behavior, adds Alling.

About – The Latest Casino From Kindred Group

At this new site, one thing that is going to be entirely unique is the third party affordability assessments of all the customers. This system is applicable for the new players and is an addition to the already existing compulsory checks like band ID registration, ID check, self-exclusion tools, personal deposits and loss limits of the player and the PS-EDS surveillance system.

Thus, the site will feature strict and unique responsible gambling tools that will help it in detecting problem gamblers and their behavior. If you are a Swedish then you can use your BankID to register at the site and the same facility is going to be implemented for Norwegian players. In Norway, players can sign up by showing their documents and play Jack and the Beanstalk Slots.

On this, Alling said that the company feels proud to announce and claims to fulfill all the gaming responsibilities. He assured the industry that the company is aiming at establishing a new standard in the casino industry by detecting, preventing and handling the issues of problem gambling. He believes that setting a collective limit is far less effective than exploiting tools to focus on the needs of each customer.

More on Kindred Group

As per the reports, the group was judged on various basis that includes implementation of the measures that can prevent minors from gambling, making use of latest gaming tools to prevent problem gambling, communication of transparent information, self-exclusions, customer support services, deposit limits, training of employees and ways of handling issues of gambling. It is true that the company follows the best policies and adheres to the industry standards completely. It is known to have the unsurpassed practices throughout the European Single Digital Market.

In fact, Henrik Tjärnström, CEO at Kindred Group has also made it clear that the company will keep on raising its standards and will make more efforts to gain customer trust. He is glad to recognize the fact that the Kindred Group has the right practices and cater to the needs of the players in the best possible manner. Thus, it is the right time for the high rollers to be a part of the new casino by Kindred Group.

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