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A Double Jackpot Win Rewards a Lucky Woman With Millions! Was She Playing Jack and the Beanstalk Slots?

Don’t we all dream of winning a life-changing amount of money? Whether it comes in the form of win from a lottery, bet or scratch card, it doesn’t matter. Although this may seem like an unrealistic fantasy for many of us, one woman has turned it into reality. The lucky woman, has once again grabbed all the headlines, for winning yet another jackpot, only with more money this time.

Siberian Storm Slot Rewards a Double Jackpot

All thanks to Mr. Green Casino Ireland, Jessica C was playing one of the famous slot games on the site, called Siberian Storm, when she won the grand prize. Not to mention, the grand prize consisted of a hefty sum of money, which has now allowed her to semi-retire and live the rest of her life at a relaxed place. Winning the jackpot has transformed her life completely.

Despite of having won a jackpot earlier in November 2015, which was close to half a million euros, it didn’t stop Jessica C to try her luck out again. She wanted to go the extra mile and push her luck once more by going for another spin, which allowed her to bag another impressive jackpot. Her second jackpot win came in February 2017.

Jessica C decided to go for the additional spin again in February 2017, and as the event unfolded, she managed to win the jackpot, adding to her total winnings of around €4.3 million.

One in a Million, But Not Impossible to Win A Double Jackpot!

Even though, many would say that the chances of this happening are one in a million, it’s not entirely impossible. Another example to prove this could be of the Dublin Shop, which sold 2 jackpot winning tickets. Within the past year, two big money national lottery tickets have been sold by Ken O’Toole. One which was sold in March this year, gave away a prize of €12.8 million. Another ticket which was sold 10 years prior, gave away a prize of €6.5 million. Talk about the odds here, the odds of winning a single jackpot are 1 in 8 million.

However, it doesn’t end here, there are even weirder winners of big jackpot prizes. There was a couple that won a sum of £150,000 on EuroMillions. The strange bit is that, they went on to win another £150,000, after the couple’s dog found another jackpot ticket, which was reported by the Mirror. This doubled their winnings and allowed them to walk away with an impressive £300,000 in total.

Despite of having low chances statistically, these events have still occurred and have rewarded the winners with vast sum of wealth, even allowing them to go after their dreams. Like the first jackpot allowed Jessica to travel across the world and the second could allow her to do more things, which she says that she hasn’t yet figured it out.

Possible to Win A Double Jackpot by Playing Online Slot Games

We all are aware of the fact, that online slot games can generate massive jackpots. Different slot games have different mechanisms. Most of these video slots have the fixed payout model, which gives the rewards the player on his initial bet. In simple words, this means, that the maximum amount of money that can be won by the player is determined by the amount he puts in the bet. However, there are progressive jackpots too, the one won by Jessica. These jackpots get accumulated over a certain period of time and then get awarded to any player, at random. These have nothing to do with the amount that they are betting with.

The popularity of online slot games and digital casinos is increasing massively. The games can be played on multiple platforms, covering a wide range of devices, making them easily accessible.

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