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The Partnership Between BetSoft Gaming and Pixelo

A partnership deal has been signed between Betsoft Gaming, which is a leading 3D iGaming supplier and Pixelo, an Italian platform.

Pixelo’s Sales Director, Cristina Ferrario proudly stated that Pixelo was a fairly young company which is growing fast with the launch of new games on the platform and is looking forward to establishing themselves at a leading position in the country.

The partnership deal enables all Pixelo players to be able to access Betsoft games on the platform.

Betsoft’s Sales and Account Manager, Julian Camilleri mentioned that they were very proud of their partnership with Pixelo. Julian also revealed that the partnership deal between the two companies was a significant change which will help them push themselves in the Italian market.

Poker&Bet will the first licensee to go live on Pixelo with Betssoft’s games. The experience of gaming on Pixelo will be further enhanced with the help of Betsoft’s premium iGaming content.

The content can be accessed on

Betsoft Gaming is best known for its 3D cinematic gaming features. It offers its audience a wide range of 180 games. Slots3™ being the most popular one out of all the games. Betsoft offers a complete system of online gaming to its Tier One audience. The quality and experience of Betsoft are known to be even better than that of animated feature film’s quality. It was first introduced in the market in 2012 and was particularly marketed as a mobile gaming sector. Its Slots3™ games were the most popular ones among the users. The ToGo™ collection was a part of the Slots3™. By 2013, it held a variety of games and worked with top gaming operations in the industry.

After the Betsoft and Pixelo partnership, the next announcement was about their partnership with the European operator Intertops. The two companies joined their hands together to deliver a better gaming experience to their users.

Intertops can serve Betsoft’s entire range of games including Slots3™ games, the ToGo collection and more of its mobile games.

Julian Camilleri, Betsoft’s Sales and Account Manager had some great things to say about the partnership. He mentioned that Intertop not only believed in delivering the best experience to their users but also kept in mind their future experience and hence, thrived at serving the best to their users.

As experienced industry players, Intertop has seen a rise and fall trend among most games that have been introduced. However, as stated by a representative from Intertop, Betsoft’s games were very consistent. Their older games were as popular as the new ones. Betsoft’s consistency led Intertop to join hands with them. They are proud to announce the partnership and look forward to offering their users the best gaming experience with Betsoft games.

Apart from the 2 partnerships with Pixelo and Intertop, Betsoft has also announced their partnership with Eurobet. Eurobet is a part of the Ladbrokes Coral Group and is also known for its dominance in the Italian gaming market. It also won the Italian EGR award for Operator of the Year, consecutively for two years.

Eurobet will be starting out by taking over Betsoft’s Slots3™ games which have been ADM approved.

Alfredo Melloni, Head of Gaming for Eurobet mentioned that they had mainly chosen Betsoft to provide the games because of the quality and experience provided by its games. He was confident that because of its quality and fun experience, it will soon gain popularity in the market. Eurobet is looking forward to adding more games from Betsoft, given that they get their ADM certification.

Francesca Raniolo from Betsoft added that they were mainly attracted to Eurobet for its interest in maintaining the quality and standard of the games offered to their users.

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Superman Slot: Playtech Celebrates the Launch Through £500,000 in Giveaways! Why Should Jack and the Beanstalk Slots be Left Behind?

One of the biggest and the best casino developers in the market, Playtech, is giving away £500,000 across the complete network, to support the release of their new Superman series slot games. The promo is estimated to last for a total of 28 days, along with allowing the players to take part in various cash draws, where they can win prizes up to £5,000.

About Playtech and the Launch of Superman Slot

Playtech, which was founded in 1999, quickly became one of the finest and best providers of online games. Because of the unified software that is provided by Playtech, the players don’t need to log in multiple times and can enjoy from the different variety of games by logging in just once. Due to the large number of progressive slots offered by Playtech, the players can browse through their favourite slot that will suit their taste.

The safety and security are kept as the top priority, which has allowed them to win the trust of a large number of their loyal players, who rate Playtech very highly. With over 15 plus years in the industry, the experience has allowed Playtech to explore more and bring better elements to the games, which has given them an edge over their competitors. The players can find casino games in different languages including English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Danish, Swedish, Dutch etc.

Continuing the Success Party of the Launch of Superman Slot

Playtech had staged their initial promo of £250,000 when they released the first ever DC-based slot title game and £500,000 seems to be a continuation of the same promo offer by Playtech. With the success of the initial promo offer, which gathered a lot of interest among players and gained Playtech a lot of praise and publicity, they decided to go for the second round, only to double the sum this time, to attract more players and more praise.

According to the company’s COO, Shimon Akad, this is the biggest network promotion that has ever been launched by Playtech till date and this will only mark a beginning of many more things to come for them. And if things go well, there are already other plans of giving a similar giveaway, later this year, to mark the beginning of the new football season.

Rewarding the Players While Playing Their Favourite Games Like Jack and the Beanstalk Slots

Unlike other promo offers, that have various levels of information attached to them, this one is a clean promo. For the cash draws, all the player has to do is play a slot game from the various slot games which include, Superman, Superman 2, Age of the Gods, Man of Steel, Space Invaders, Buffalo Blitz, Green Lantern and Plenty O’Fortune. Every time a player bets £10, he gets rewarded with a ticket.

Overall, in total, there will be 4 draws. The big one or the main one will witness £200,000 being distributed among some of the luckiest players out there, while the remaining of the three draws will have a prize of £100,000 each. Although the top winners will be rewarded with a total of £5,000, but Playtech has designed the promo in a manner that will reward plenty of players and attract hundreds of winners.

Another good thing about this promo is that it has no added stipulations or hidden restrictions, which can allow the player to bag extra money without even having to invest or give up on anything in particular. Want to win tickets to the £500,000 giveaways? All you have to do is play designated slot games at either of the casinos supported by Playtech, like bet365 casino or Winner casino.

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A Double Jackpot Win Rewards a Lucky Woman With Millions! Was She Playing Jack and the Beanstalk Slots?

Don’t we all dream of winning a life-changing amount of money? Whether it comes in the form of win from a lottery, bet or scratch card, it doesn’t matter. Although this may seem like an unrealistic fantasy for many of us, one woman has turned it into reality. The lucky woman, has once again grabbed all the headlines, for winning yet another jackpot, only with more money this time.

Siberian Storm Slot Rewards a Double Jackpot

All thanks to Mr. Green Casino Ireland, Jessica C was playing one of the famous slot games on the site, called Siberian Storm, when she won the grand prize. Not to mention, the grand prize consisted of a hefty sum of money, which has now allowed her to semi-retire and live the rest of her life at a relaxed place. Winning the jackpot has transformed her life completely.

Despite of having won a jackpot earlier in November 2015, which was close to half a million euros, it didn’t stop Jessica C to try her luck out again. She wanted to go the extra mile and push her luck once more by going for another spin, which allowed her to bag another impressive jackpot. Her second jackpot win came in February 2017.

Jessica C decided to go for the additional spin again in February 2017, and as the event unfolded, she managed to win the jackpot, adding to her total winnings of around €4.3 million.

One in a Million, But Not Impossible to Win A Double Jackpot!

Even though, many would say that the chances of this happening are one in a million, it’s not entirely impossible. Another example to prove this could be of the Dublin Shop, which sold 2 jackpot winning tickets. Within the past year, two big money national lottery tickets have been sold by Ken O’Toole. One which was sold in March this year, gave away a prize of €12.8 million. Another ticket which was sold 10 years prior, gave away a prize of €6.5 million. Talk about the odds here, the odds of winning a single jackpot are 1 in 8 million.

However, it doesn’t end here, there are even weirder winners of big jackpot prizes. There was a couple that won a sum of £150,000 on EuroMillions. The strange bit is that, they went on to win another £150,000, after the couple’s dog found another jackpot ticket, which was reported by the Mirror. This doubled their winnings and allowed them to walk away with an impressive £300,000 in total.

Despite of having low chances statistically, these events have still occurred and have rewarded the winners with vast sum of wealth, even allowing them to go after their dreams. Like the first jackpot allowed Jessica to travel across the world and the second could allow her to do more things, which she says that she hasn’t yet figured it out.

Possible to Win A Double Jackpot by Playing Online Slot Games

We all are aware of the fact, that online slot games can generate massive jackpots. Different slot games have different mechanisms. Most of these video slots have the fixed payout model, which gives the rewards the player on his initial bet. In simple words, this means, that the maximum amount of money that can be won by the player is determined by the amount he puts in the bet. However, there are progressive jackpots too, the one won by Jessica. These jackpots get accumulated over a certain period of time and then get awarded to any player, at random. These have nothing to do with the amount that they are betting with.

The popularity of online slot games and digital casinos is increasing massively. The games can be played on multiple platforms, covering a wide range of devices, making them easily accessible.

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Fruitful 7s Slot: A Refreshing Game Just Like Jack and the Beanstalk Slots

For all the classic slot games lovers out there, the slot that we are about to introduce might just be the one for you.

WinADay Casino’s new video slot game, which is called ‘Fruitful 7s’, will definitely take you back to the old casinos and bring back the nostalgia. Although the theme of this particular video slot game is pretty old school, but it ensures that there are enough surprises in the gameplay, which will make the player want to spin the reels again and again.

Fruitful 7s Slot – A Real Slot Machine Simulator

It won’t take more than just a glimpse at the game screen for experienced players to become familiar with the offerings of this particular game and feel at ease.

The game screen consists of reels which are tidily displayed on the gaming screen, followed by the command buttons which are located at the bottom of the screen. When all the elements are put together, the players can see a large slot machine on their screen. Although the theme is not unique, it will surely be a favourite among classic slot lovers and will surely attract a large audience because of its simple gameplay.

The graphics of the game remain faithful to the theme of the game; hence, it is kept very realistic and neat.

Gameplay of Fruitful 7s Slot

When you play Fruitful 7s, it will provide you with an experience of playing on an actual slot machine. There are 5 reels that spin to form a winning combination, across 21 pay lines in total. All you have to do is, land a perfect winning combination to win cash prizes, which will be multiplied depending on the combination and your bet amount. The bet amount and active pay lines can be adjusted by the player by selecting the command buttons.

Although betting maximum can be a risk, but it also allows an opportunity to win the jackpot prize. The autospin mode can be selected by the player, to speed up the entire process. The reels will spin automatically, once the autoplay feature has been activated, which will allow the player to place a bet again and again.

Symbols in Fruitful 7s Slot

The symbols in the game contain minimalistic graphics and are the classic slot symbols. The most common symbols that can be found in the game include plums, lemons, oranges, and cherries. Players have many chances to see the winning combinations form on the reels and hence the limitation of winning 25 times the initial bet, should not be a constraint.

The other set of symbols contain, watermelons, bells, bar signs, grapes and red sevens. If you manage to get a triple seven combination on the screen, you can win rewards up to an incredible 500x times of the initial bet amount.

The wild symbol in the game is a Star. It can substitute any other normal icon on the reels. The bonus icon gives away free spins. Get them on the reels and win 15 free spins. Within these free games, the player has a chance to select the multiplier, to make the winnings bigger and the game more interesting and entertaining.


With all the elements of an old-school slot game, Fruitful 7s by WinADay spices things up for all the professional players. Whereas, amateur players can understand the rules and get a hold of the overall gameplay in no time. With simple and realistic graphics and no extra elements to confuse the players, Fruitful 7s is a fun to play video slot, with great offerings for the players. For players who enjoy the basic framework of this game, it can be worth giving a try.